The name of this article is pretty impressive… Eat Stop Eat. But, it describes the program entirely. Eat Stop Eat could be an intermittent guide fasting. This method of weight loss has taken the fitness industry by storm and is among the foremost effective ways of losing weight.
The popularity of the paleo diet has also caused a rise in the popularity of intermittent fasting. When combined, the weight loss is staggering. The method itself is unique because you consume the same amount of calories as you would on an average day, but the time frame you will eat it in is different.
Brad Pilon sums up the intermittent fasting strategy in 91 pages flat. You told everything you need to know to perfect this method of weight loss. You could adopt it as your lifestyle, and you’ll notice that you do not gain weight quickly anymore.

The Good Points:

1) The guide is written in a simple, easy to follow style. You do not need to understand complex biology to know how intermittent fasting will work for you. It would be best if you did what Brad says. That’s easy to do. It’s also a fun read.

2) The program has not created upon BS theory. There are currently many fitness products on the market with new sales pages, muscular models in videos, and attractive graphics designed to hook the naive consumer. The products themselves are untested theories that do not work.

Thankfully, Eat Stop Eat isn’t one among them. The official website is not exciting. It gels with Brad’s easy-going style. The guide also makes several references to scientific studies, so you know that this is not untested rubbish.

3) This product is suitable for both men and women. Unlike some harsh diet methods and cavemen like this, this manner of eating will appeal to women. You have much more flexibility, and the sheer effectiveness of the technique lends a certain laxity to eat. You will be ready to eat a muffin or cookie here and there without adding 20 pounds to your waist.

4) You will be teaching when to recognize if your body is starving. We board a world where people eat once they are happy, sad, bored, angry, etc. They eat for every other reason and very rarely because they are hungry.

5) It’s an online download, so you get immediate access to the product. No shipping to worry about it.

The Bad Points:

1) You will have to put in the effort. This style of eating requires you to change your habits a little. It will take about two weeks for your body to adjust, but once you’ve done it, you will love intermittent fasting.

2) It’s an online product. You will need a computer and an internet connection.
Should You Get It?

Two big thumbs up. It is an excellent product and probably the best guide on intermittent fasting out there.
You can eat whatever you want as long as you follow the method is honestly mind-blowing. Of course, you will have to eat in moderation, but unlike other diets that are restrictive and don’t allow you to eat carbs, sugar, etc.… you have a lot of flexibility with intermittent fasting.
You need to do it right. To try to to it right, you would like correct, easy to follow info. Eat Stop Eat…has your name all over it.


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